Here's a Reinvented List of Dating Do's and Don'ts In Your Search For Love

Daters think they have it right, but you could be turning someone off without knowing why.

There’s a million dating do’s and don’ts, but relationship expert Rori Sassoon says everyone needs a refresher when it comes to how to behave when you’re looking for love.

Here are the rules according to the Platinum Poire dating site founder:


1.  Be on time

“Always start by being prompt, men get turned off when the woman keeps them waiting.”

2.  Dial a number with your actual fingers

“When a man reaches out by phone to talk and the woman doesn’t call back for a week, it’s not good. You can’t do that, make it a priority to talk to the person.”

3.  Follow through on your word

“Follow up if you said you would. And just really be able to give genuine compliments. Start a date with ‘you look good tonight.’”

4.  Always show interest in the other person’s life

“Sometimes people are like ‘I’m on an interview.’ You want to be able to talk about yourself, but not where you don’t shut up either. Ask the person things you’re genuinely curious about.”

5.  Dress to impress

“That’s on both ends. It’s an investment of your time and you should always look put together.”


1.  Invade someone’s physical space

“A lot of times people go into a person’s space physically. Certain people don’t like to be touched too quickly. Obviously, no one wants a cold fish but some people are very guarded in the beginning. a woman wants to feel safe. Not have someone all over her.”

2.  Make someone wait

“For a man, don’t be afraid, if you’re having fun don’t be scared to plan ahead and say ‘I’d love to see you again.’ Don’t make her wait a week. Take charge.”

3.  Plan your wedding

“Don’t plan the future too far out. On a second date if she asks ‘if we were married,’ don’t ever say that, it’s too much.”

4.  Stop interrupting

“It’s so rude.”

5.  Airing dirty laundry

“No one cares about your exes child support or divorce. Be fun, be light. Y ou want this person to walk away and say I had such a pleasant evening, what a fun person I want to get to know them.”

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