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Adorable Alpaca Has a Blast Photobombing Engagement Shoot

The funny looking creature wanted in on one couple's special day. 

This man’s romantic proposal was upstaged by a curious Alpaca.

When Nashville, TN., native Kevin Scanlon was planning how to pop the question to his girlfriend, Bethany Rumley, he reached out to photographer John Myers for help.

“Kevin planned it all and had been waiting to propose to Bethany for a few months,” John tells Personal Space. “He had already been given permission from her family and was just now waiting for the perfect day. Bethany had no idea he was proposing that day. Kevin and I had discussed possible locations for the proposal and I knew of the Alpaca farm in Thompson Station that I’d been wanting to shoot at.”

Hidden River Alpaca Farm was perfect because of Kevin’s love of animals, and the two kids he shares with Bethany, Colby and Cooper were also up for visiting the farm.

“We tricked Bethany into thinking it was a normal family session, but near the end, we had the owners of the farm, Teresa and Mark Johnson, take the kids off for a tractor ride,” John says. “I told Bethany I wanted a few pictures of just them two and I then setup a feeding bucket so that the Alpacas would gather around them. As soon as I got them positioned, Kevin dropped to his knee and proposed to Bethany. She of course said yes, but as I moved closer to them, one of the Alpacas (the photobomber) came towards me. I had been feeding him earlier so my assumption is that he thought I had more food.”

John says the funny faced animal then got into the pictures as he was taking them, and he embraced the photobomb.  

“Bethany and Kevin loved it too, it’s not every day you see Alpacas in proposal pictures,” John laughed. “We were all laughing hysterically as we looked at the pictures on the back of the camera.”

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