This Airline Passenger Flew Sans Pants and Spread Eagle While Seatmate Live Tweeted in Horror

It could always get worse up there.

Flying commercial these days can be downright soul sucking. Often, we have to navigate close quarters among seatmates who simply have no manners at all — like people who travel with creepy carryons, or eat stinky food. But what would you do if you had the misfortune of flying next to someone who made himself way too comfortable for a public, confined place?

Well, that happened to Kumail Nanjiani, who recently took to Twitter to share his experience on a flight next to a guy who traveled most of the way without pants, and lounged around in his skivvies with his tube-socked legs spread wide open.

The seriously unfortunate behavior carried on for a full four hours.

The passenger at last responded to a flight attendant's request to restore order... but only very briefly.

Overall, the passenger doesn't seem like he really understood anything about the etiquette of flying, or of being in public at all — as if that wasn't already abundantly clear.

But it turns out there is simply no justice in this world. People can behave like they were raised in pantsless barns while packed into confined tubes hurdling through space with strangers, and then simply carry on with their lives unpunished.

If that all sounds pretty bad, know that some of the nuances actually made it worse.

We could have lived our whole lives without knowing about any airplane passenger's "hairy thigh V." And especially not one that was illuminated by the dancing lights of his devices.

So remember, if you think you were dealt a bad hand of seatmates on your next flight... it could always be worse. Next time, try flying private perhaps?

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