A Shocking Number of People Leave Laptops Behind at Airport Security Checkpoints

How is this a thing?

If you're anything like us, your technology is sort of like an extension of your physical person — so you feel an actual bodily lack if you are too far away from your phone or laptop. (Or did we just give away a pathological personal detail better kept to ourselves?)

That's why we were sort of shocked to see just how many people left their laptops behind at security checkpoints at Newark Liberty International Airport in just the last month or so: On its Twitter, the TSA shared a photo more than 70 unclaimed computers just sitting on a shelf all lonely, waiting to be claimed since October, at that one airport alone.

And yes, there are plenty of shiny MacBooks in that pile, which can cost in the $2,000 range new.

Can you imagine leaving your laptop — so expensive and essential — in an airport, and then failing to claim it for a full month? We're confused. Don't worry, sweet technology: We'd never abandon you that way.

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