Bookmark This Airport Wi-Fi Password Map Right Now

It's a lifesaver.

Sitting in airports waiting for flights — if you don't have access to some baller airport lounge — can range from utterly boring to downright frustrating. Sometimes it can even be bad for your waistline as you pass time at some third-rate pizza place... or even actually quite expensive when you swoop through the duty-free shops and in a haze of zombie-like boredom decide you need two new fragrances, a massive eyeshadow palette, and a five-pound bag of macadamia nuts.

But that whole entire range of woes has been solved with this one tool. You're welcome.

Actually, it's blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat you need to be thanking, because he's the one that came up with this epic airport Wi-Fi travel map, which covers dozens of facilities all around the world. He updates it regularly, too.

When you click on a location, you'll get specific info on where to sit to score the strongest Wi-Fi connection, plus password info. So now you are free to spend your layover time fully connected. That means properly working, FaceTiming, showing off your trip on social media — or otherwise doing life's real important stuff.

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