Alexander Hamilton Couldn't Hold His Liquor, Say Sources Who Knew the Founding Father

But man was he high-functioning.

Although better known these days for the Broadway show phenomenon bearing his name, Alexander Hamilton the historical figure lived a pretty impressive life.

He was a Founding Father who served as the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and a close aide to then-President George Washington; he ardently supported and defended the U.S. Constitution; and, in his free time, he founded a political party, the U.S. Coast Guard and The New York Post. Not bad for a guy living in a world without light bulbs.

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton on Broadway.

One thing he apparently did not do so well, however, is hold his alcohol. According to Extra Crispy, while most men of Hamilton's era were swigging down alcohol on the reg., even at breakfast, Hamilton was known for passing on the harder stuff in favor of some extra-strong coffee.

One of Hamilton’s contemporaries, John Adams, was more than willing to call Hamilton out for his proclivity to get wasted after a glass or two. A quote attributed to Adams once described Hamilton as “an insolent coxcomb who rarely dined in good company, where there was good wine, without getting silly and vaporing about his administration like a young girl about her brilliants and trinkets.”

Colonial SNAP!

While it’s obvious Adams wasn't Hamilton’s biggest fan (he also referred to him as “That bastard brat of a Scottish peddler”) the idea that Hamilton was a Two-Sip-Sally is, at least partially, corroborated by his recorded lack of interest in drinking, meaning it’s probably not too far off the mark.

So there you have it. Alexander Hamilton: Founding Father. Author. Lightweight.

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