Fake Flyer Promises All-Snake Reenactment of Thanksgiving at Dallas Zoo

But we were sssssso pumped to see a snake in a pilgrim hat!

Internet prankster-turned-IRL prankster Pleated Jeans (also known as @ObviousPlant) decided to plaster a bunch of fake flyers at the Dallas Zoo, and we have never experienced such a swift swivel from excitement to disappointment.

First, he promised “The 1st Snakes-Giving: an all-snake reenactment of the first Thanksgiving, with Travis the Python in the role of Captain John Smith.”

Then we saw other events that we would pay good American dollars for, such as “Zebra for a Day: Enter our raffle to put on a zebra costume and live amongst our zebras for a day!”

Seriously, in what cruel world is this not real? “Hat Day: We’re gonna put a hat on every animal in the zoo!”

And honestly, this is just a really great idea: “Skateboarding Otters: Come watch our otters skateboard on a tiny half-pipe that I built for them!”

Unfortunately, the final posting reveals the disheartening denouement:


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