Almost Half of the Women In This Survey Have Experienced Unwanted Sexual Contact

The poll included 1,058 female registered voters.

Wow. And not in a good way. In not so shocking news, a new survey reveals that nearly half - half - the women asked admit they have had unwanted sexual advances, including groping, disturbing talk aimed at them, or had undergone sexual harassment or sexual assault. 

After the 2005 tape of Donald Trump bragging about groping women surfaced, many women came forward with similar experiences. The poll, conducted by Morning Consult, revealed that 45 percent of women say they’ve experienced, “unwanted physical conduct or touching of a sexual nature.” 

Forty-nine percent said they’d been touched without their consent. Sixty percent had been the subject of sexually charged jokes, and 59 percent been present when comments of a sexual nature were made about another woman. Fifty-six percent had been catcalled.

Fortune reports that sexual harassment and sexual assault is hard to track, as often it goes unreported. 

The women were also asked how they responded to the unwanted sexual behavior

More than half, 51 percent, got aggressive and told off the person harassing them. Some stayed quiet, 37 percent, and 12 percent went to the police to file a report. 

The poll was conducted between Oct. 21 and 25, after the Access Hollywood tape with Trump’s comments was released. It included 1,058 female registered voters.

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