Important Update! Alton Brown Adopted TWO Stray Kittens—Meet "Shrimp Toast"

Best kitty name ever?

Alton Brown first introduced a tiny black-and-white kitten on Instagram, announcing that he had been "claimed" and that he'd decided to name the fuzzball "Stir-fry" due to his love of the wok. Some extreme cuteness followed—photos and videos of Stir-fry peeking out from a bookcase, wrestling inside a box, and attacking a kitty toy. Naturally, Brown's IG followers went crazy over the newest addition to his family.

#stirfry is trying to think outside the box but he just can't manage it. #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram

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And then came another photo:'s Stir-fry's brother, Shrimp Toast. #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram

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"So…here's Stir-fry's brother, Shrimp Toast," Brown posted with the photo.

What? Apparently Brown adopted TWO equally adorable kittens. And gave the second one an equally adorable name.

A couple more shots of Stir-fry followed, without his brother. Was it really true? Had Brown adopted both of them? But where was Shrimp Toast? WHAT ABOUT SHRIMP TOAST?!

What happened when I sat down to drink my coffee today. #stirfry #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram

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And then Brown finally posted a second photo of Shrimp Toast, confirming that Stir-fry's brother was indeed part of the family, just a little shy.

"For those who have been asking about #stirfry's elusive brother he is on my desk. He's slowly getting into the groove, meaning he lets Stir-fry jump on his face without complaint."

Phew. Both kitties accounted for.

We're actually hoping Brown might have adopted a third (even more elusive?) kitten that he's been keeping under wraps, since the initial post disclosed that three furballs were found under Brown's porch. Fingers crossed another adorable kitty hits IG soon. We can't wait to hear his name. (Egg Roll? Moo Shu? Soy Sauce?)

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