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Yes, Amal Bought George a Lawnmower For His Birthday

The actor will be doing some work off-screen this summer. 

George Clooney is as excited over a lawnmower as we are over George Clooney. 

The actor, who married 38-year-old international human-rights attorney Amal Alamuddin (now Clooney) in September 2014, is thrilled to gave gotten a riding mower from his wife for his 55th birthday, which was on May 6.

Speaking with ET Canada beside his "Money Monster" co-star Julia Roberts at the Cannes Film Festival, George revealed how he celebrated the big day. He also admitted that he’s so rich, he can afford anything under the sun. Must be nice. 

“By crying and drinking," he joked. "I am difficult to buy for, because I can sort of buy what [I] want, and because I'm sort of picky about things.”

But back to the mower.

"We have a beautiful front lawn at our house in England and I used to mow lawns when I was a kid … so, she bought me this giant riding lawnmower that is sitting at the house right now. And I'm very excited about putting that to work when I get home,” Clooney said.

We hope Amal gets treated to a shirtless George on a hot summer day just riding around and around, sweating, mowing, being the dreamboat he is. A dreamboat who does work around the house. Just picture it. Wise move Amal, wise move.

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