Amateur Weather Reporter Vanilla Ice Is Live Tweeting Hurricane Matthew in Palm Beach: "This Is Crazy!"

Yo, man... let's get outta here.

You think the guy who spawned an entire career rapping about ice is afraid of extreme weather conditions? Evidently not, because "Ice Ice Baby" rapper Vanilla Ice decided to remain in Florida despite the mass evacuation of millions along the coast as Hurricane Matthew threatened and then ripped into the state. And since he was "riding out" the storm conditions in Palm Beach, he flaunted that street cred (and dubious judgement) by live tweeting the whole intense experience.

Alarmed with the message he was sending to the people of Florida in the face of danger, a Twitter handle operated by the Florida Democrats org tweeted: "We advise listening to your local officials, not @vanillaice. If you are in an evacuation zone, you should leave now!"

Undaunted, Vanilla Ice carried on through the night.

Word to ya mother. 

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