Americans Drank Way, Way, Way More Alcohol Than Usual on Election Night, Report Says

Voters were pretty wasted on Election Night, apparently.

It's safe to say not all voters felt the same way on election night, but it's clear the American electorate had something in common the next morning: a hangover. 

Regardless of where you stood in the aisle, chances are you were drinking on Tuesday night, and more than normal. In fact,, a liquor delivery service, saw an 86 percent increase in orders as the election night results came in.

“We were prepping for a big night across the U.S., given the buzz on social, but the spike in wine and spirits sales was surprising,” as Trisha Antonsen, chief cocktail officer at Drizly, told Forbes.  “Beer is typically the top category for us… it looks like people needed something a little stronger on Tuesday night.

Drizly reported that wine was the most popular choice during the election results, accounting for 48 percent of the orders (and Sauvignon Blanc was a particular favorite, for some reason), but as the night went on, harder liquors grew more popular.  Liquors ordered often included Tito’s Vodka and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, the study says.

As Forbes reports, "The hardest drinkers were on the coasts, with New York tallying the biggest delivery orders on Drizly, followed by Boston. Number three was Denver, followed by Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles."

As there are two months to go before Inauguration Day, and the drama doesn’t seem headed for a denouement anytime soon, it might be time to put in some bulk orders, early and often.

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