Andy Cohen Just Blew Our Minds With His Totally Bizarre (and Brilliant) Nostalgic Snack Combo

The #WWHL host couldn't stop noshing during his Tonight Show appearance.

Celebrities have some really strange eating habits, whether it's going on a goat milk cleanse, never eating strawberries, or putting peanut butter on eggs. Chefs come up some creative food combos too, like grape jelly on pizza or caviar with potato chips. Most of the time, we assume, they indulge from the comfort of their own homes.

But What What Happens Live host Andy Cohen just revealed his fascinatingly bizarre snack combination during a recent appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon—and chowed down right on camera.

"I want to make you feel comfortable here…so I got some of your favorite snacks," Jimmy told the Love Connection host, setting out a bowl of Doritos.

"Dorites! My favorite!" Andy declared, grabbing a chip. (Apparently he loves Doritos so much, he has his own cute little nickname for them.)

But that wasn't all—Jimmy then pulled out a bowl of SpaghettiOs. "I love SpaghettiOs!" Andy exclaimed with the kind of enthusiasm he usually reserves for shotskis, shirtless bartenders, and shady comments from Housewives.

Could this snack scenario get any better? Oh, it could. And it did. Andy shunned the spoon Jimmy gave him to eat the canned pasta. "I don't even use a spoon, you know why?" he said. "I use the nacho cheese Dorite as…" and then proceeded to dip a Dorito into the SpaghettiOs, popping the whole thing into his mouth while the audience cheered and clapped.

"As the scoop?" Jimmy asked incredulously, his mind clearly blown.

We've just crossed over into a whole new world of snacking possibilities, people. Leave it to Andy Cohen to come up with a bizarre new way to combine two nostalgic processed foods—no utensils necessary.

Watch the full clip to see Andy's Dorito-and-SpaghettiOs dipping technique.

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