Andy Cohen is Raving About This Restaurant's Famous "Silver Butter Knife" Steak (No Knife Required!)

Meet the steak that's been melting hearts for 70 years.

The classic meat-and-three may have lost its status as the nightly American dinner, but at some venerable restaurants the super-indulgent, side-dish-flanked carnivorous meal is alive and well. Bravo's Andy Cohen, host of Watch What Happens Live, recently experienced an old-school steak and potato dinner at a revered restaurant in Minneapolis that has us wishing we lived around the corner.

Murray's has been open for 70 years and has attracted a clientele of devoted regulars and celebrities since day one, from politicians and sports heroes to actors, musicians and writers. "The menu harks back to the Age of Steak; a place where a fiftyish couple can enjoy a Manhattan and tuck into a chunk of cow and au gratin potato," Garrison Keillor wrote of the restaurant in Time magazine in 1997.

After all these years, the most popular item on the menu remains the Silver Butter Knife Steak, a 28-ounce, hand-cut sirloin cooked in a special broiler that renders it so incredibly juicy and tender, it needs no actual knife once it gets to the table.

The home of the silver butter knife steak appears to be in Minneapolis! And I dig it.

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Boyd Freeman, who has been cutting the steaks for close to 40 years at Murray's, told Eater that the cut has become less fatty over the years as customer tastes have evolved toward lighter dishes, but that longtime patrons still ask for the Gold Butter Knife Steak, an epic four-pounder that's no longer on the menu. It's available in advance by special request though, if you want to indulge in the ultimate meatstravaganza.


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