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Andy Cohen looks back on the first night of Watch What Happens Lives' "5 Nights of Andy Cohen."

on Dec 13, 2010

Today is the second of our five nights of Watch What Happens Live, and I will welcome Rebecca Romijn and Kenan Thompson tonight at 11. Rebecca is a huge Bravo-head (as well as just a lot of fun and hilarious), and Kenan is one of my fave SNL players.  We're playing "Bravo Playhouse" and a whole lot more.

I am in the greenroom of TODAY and Donny and Marie are here and I am FREAKING OUT. I thought I couldn't have possibly had any more fun last night with Anderson Cooper and NeNe Leakes, but if I speak to these two my head might blow off.

As you know, AC360 has been NeNe's "boo" for several years, but they'd never met until about three minutes before we went live. Their energy together was awesome, and I actually felt guilty every time I had to speak on the show because of interrupting their great rapport. Here's a pic I took right after they said hello....

The game we played with my parents, "NeNe or NoNo," was for sure one of my favorites in the history of our show. My folks are hilarious. My mom texted after saying "Oy, are we old!" But I thought they were just perfect and looked great. Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa called into the After Show to talk to NeNe and we all shot the s--t a long time and lol'd plenty.