If You Feel Unsafe at a Bar, These Bartenders Have a Secret Drink That May Save Your Life

Finally, a way to duck those extra-creepy blind dates.

The role of a bartender is about a lot more than mixing cocktails and tallying a bar tab. They sometimes have to play therapist, best pal, and even hero.

Sound dramatic? Not so much if you find yourself in a creepy situation at a bar and need a quick rescue.

Bars lately are coming up with secret codes to help customers signal, privately, when they need help if they're getting harassed or feeling unsafe on a bad date.

At one Tampa restaurant, that code was the Angel shot. Depending on how the shot was ordered (neat, on the rocks, with lime), the bartender would know the person needs a ride home, a walk to their car, or a secret call to the police. Women receive the intel about the secret-code drink order via a discreet sign in the restroom.

Of course, if the code is the same everywhere, it won't exactly be a secret anymore. A London bar recently came up with its own version of the Angel shot, instructing patrons to "Ask for Angela."

While code words won’t end the likelihood of a bad date or a creepy guy at the bar, it’s good to know there’s someone available to help.

Whether it’s an angel or Angela, here's hoping more bars and clubs get onboard with this plan.

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