Angelina Jolie Still Set to Teach in London Next Year, Lecturing Class Like It's Totally Normal

Can you imagine being her student?

Divorce drama notwithstanding, Angelina Jolie is still going back to school next year: The star is still slated to become a member of the faculty of the London School of Economics. She’s going to have the role of visiting professor as part of a new masters' program centered on women, peace, and security, and she’s going to get started in the fall of 2017. 

"She is going to be a visiting professor next year, 2017," a spokesperson for the school told People. "The post starts in September 2017." 

The program starts accepting applicants this fall, and it’s hard to imagine how the school will effectively screen out serious would-be students from simply starstruck smarties.

The London School of Economics announced in May that Jolie would have the position, as one of four visiting professors in the program "dedicated to developing strategies to promote gender equality and enhance women's economic, social, and political participation and security," according to a statement.

Can you imagine focusing on the lecture of Angeline Jolie is teaching your class? NBD. Just your ordinary working mom of six, now embroiled in a divorce that will determine complex international custody specifics and divide $100 million in real estate including a $75 million French winery. 

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