Anthony Bourdain Made a Reporter Seriously Regret Asking Him *This* Question

Might want to do some research before interrogating the culinary king of one-liners.

If you're going to be a paparazzo who bum-rushes Anthony Bourdain for a fresh-off-the-plane interview, make sure you do some basic research or you might be humiliated.

That's just what happened to the TMZ cameraman who stopped him to ask if he would ever film an episode of No Reservations in North Korea.

"No, 'cause A. I don't make that series anymore, left that network years ago," he quipped of his former Travel Channel series, which ended in 2012. He has starred on Parts Unknown for CNN for the past four years. "And B. There's nothing they're gonna let you see in North Korea. It's a very unpleasant government."

Wouldn't he just want to check out what the food is like there, the paparazzo ventured.

"Most of the population is starving!" he replied. "Don't you think that would be kinda bad taste? Bad idea."

And what does he think of North Korea's leader? "He's a chubby, evil little f***, nobody else eats."

Parts Unknown will compete for an Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series or Special on September 17; it could be the series' fifth consecutive win in the category.



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