Anthony Bourdain Slams the Controversial Food Startup Lighting Up Twitter... and the "Bros" Behind It

He recognizes his own hypocrisy, too.

Word traveled fast about Bodega, a Silicon Valley startup hoping to eliminate the need to go to a corner store for convenience items... and the word wasn't good. Social media quickly ripped apart a Fast Company interview touting the concept of former Google employees launching something that's aim is essentially to put mom and pop proprietors everywhere out of business.

One person who didn't hear about Bodega right away is Anthony Bourdain, who had the idea explained to him while doing an interview with Eater. And you know he wasn't exactly thrilled about it.

"Well obviously, you know, I hate them," he told the publication in a scorching hot take that quickly recognized an internal conflict. "I love the Japanese vending machines, so it’s kind of hypocritical of me."

His cookbook Appetites is very reverent of bodegas and even includes a recipe for what he calls a Bodega Sandwich, which is a bacon and egg with Swiss cheese, salt, and pepper.

So he's rightfully defensive of the small, neighborhood shops' need to survive. "Bodegas are such an important and vital part of the New York experience that I hate to think that even one of them would close because of some out-of-town bros," he said.

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