Yes, You Can Have It All: Anti-Aging Vodka Is Now a Thing

Turns out the fountain of youth is filled with vodka.

Here we were, thinking our love of a good Moscow Mule came with a steep price: Skin that probably won't look so fresh as we get on in years. But wait, turns out we don't have to choose, thanks to a new vodka that's about to hit the market in June.

Anja Skodda, the biotechnologist who invented Anti Everything vodka, claims her booze has anti-aging properties because of its scientifically engineered ingredient combo of caviar collagen, vitamin E-packed sea buckthorn, fatty acids and the amount of vitamin C you'd get from 15 oranges. True, collagen does keep skin firm and strong. But caviar collagen? In booze? Nope, no studies on that yet. Maybe we all just need to drink lots of vodka cocktails for the next few decades and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, collagen-filled booze is ringing a bell...Why yes, there's that fountain-of-youth craft beer that came out in Japan a while back. And, er, Anti-aGin. So what does Anti Everything add to the mix? It's vodka, for one thing. So much more versatile than beer and gin. Imagine the possiblities. The Spirits Business quotes Skodda explaining that she wanted to create a "non-guilty pleasure" for people who “love life, love socialising and care about feeling good and looking good." 

If that sounds like someone you know, the 16% ABV vodka will be sold in a $55 four-pack of 3.4-ounce bottles when it launches in Monte Carlo in June, and in the U.S. later this year. As Food & Wine points out, the price is equivalent to a $100 bottle of wine, with only barely more booze. Probably best to just get drunk and forget the math. 


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