Are You In the Wrong Relationship? Here Are Some Signs That Will Let You Know

You may be ignoring what's right under your nose. 

You know when it’s right…but you may be in denial when it’s wrong. Let us help you out. 

There are actual signs that can help you identify when a relationship is wrong for you (you may not want to see them, but eventually isn’t it for the best?) Psychology Today covered the topic, calling in an expert to explain exactly what to look for when things, well, are feeling a bit off. 

1.  You don’t feel like you

“Everything you’ve liked about yourself, who you are, what makes you uniquely you, is gone or faded,” reports PT. “Sometimes partners try to control us and stamp it as love.   Over time, this strips away at who we are or want to be. Then one day, we wake up, look in the mirror and don’t recognize ourselves anymore. This is a sign, a bad one.”

2.  You're constantly trying to prove your worth

“It’s bad enough that we have to constantly seek our worth in the world. But if we’re also doing this in our relationship, there’s something wrong. That’s the one place where you shouldn’t have to prove your worth.

“It’s not your partner's job to make you feel valuable, but it is their job to create a safe space where your worth is encouraged and grown instead of ignored or even bashed. Your relationship shouldn’t make you feel invisible. It should make you feel invincible.”

3.  You feel like you’re witnessing a relationship instead of being in one


“Many people get to a state where they let life happen to them instead of allowing them to happen to life — engaging and truly living at their fullest, making their dent in the universe. You start to go through the motions of life rather than fully living yours.”

4.  You break up with you

“Maybe you convinced yourself that this is what a relationship looks like. Maybe you told yourself that ‘true love’ means finding someone who makes you want to live longer and be a better person. And maybe that's how you justified changing yourself in order to make the relationship work.

“Whatever the case, you and your needs are no longer in the equation. If this is where you’re at because of your relationship, you are probably not meant to be in this relationship. At this point, it’s not about signs. It’s about whys.” 

5.  They wear orange pants

OK, maybe someone had a bad experience, but this is what they recommend—seriously. So, be on the lookout. 

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