Awkward! Lindsay Lohan Opened a Nightclub in Greece, Told Crowd to "Shut the F*** Up"

She wanted to make an announcement, but no one was listening.

Lindsay Lohan opened the doors to her brand new club in Greece over the weekend. And, appropriately enough, it's called LOHAN.

But despite the fact that she owns the Athens nightclub (along with Greek restauranteur Dennis Papageorgiou) and it bears her name, Lindsay may require a bit of time to ease into a new role as gracious hostess.

During Saturday night's opening bash, Lindsay took to the DJ booth, awash in purple light over the massive throng of 2,500 and tried to make an announcement. But people weren't listening, and she couldn't get their attention no matter how hard she tried — and she did try.

🔺LOHAN NIGHTCLUB 🔺 #openingNIGHT #athens @dennis_papageo ❤️we did good!!!!! 🙏

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"I just want everyone to... everyone shut the f*** up please," she said. But instead of cheers, the crowd responded with boos, which made the whole thing feel more like a disciplinary action than friendly banter. "No seriously please. Stop talking and just listen for a second," she said.

Finally, she resorted to a round of "Shhhhhhhhh!" Nope, still not working. And then: "I'm going to throw all of you out if you don't shut the f*** up. Guys!" She had at least one more F-bomb up her sleeve according to a video of the awkward moment shared by TMZ.

Still, she seems to be all in with the new business venture. TMZ reported she arrived at 10 p.m. to set up and stayed all night, finally leaving the club at 5 a.m., after rubbing elbows Greek business owners in the V.I.P. section and snapping photos with clubgoers.

#LOHAN #GHOSTBUSTERSTYLE #MINTANINE I would love to host one night with @kyliejenner

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She's expected to stop by the factory-chic club a few times a month.

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