Fox Rescued from Becoming a Fur Hat Now Lives That Pampered Pet Life

This is about as close as you can get to a real-life fairy tale.

Most normal people in this world have seen an adorable fox in the woods (or at a zoo), and screamed, “I WANT ONE!” But, of course, wild foxes are potentially destructive animals that need the great outdoors to be happy and thrive. (PLEASE do not go outside and bring home a fox after reading this story! We beg you!)

But this pet fox, Ayla Mikkeline, has an exceptional story. She was rescued from a fur farm when she was just four weeks old.

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Because Ayla was born in captivity, she could not be released into the wild. Such foxes don’t have the proper survival instincts, and their indoor scents can be perceived as threats to other foxes, making them vulnerable targets.

So instead, Ayla was taken to a new home in Norway and domesticated by her now-mom Silje.

Her new life resembles that of a typical house dog. In fact, she even has playdates with canine friends who have taught her “how to dog”!

But most importantly, Silje is making sure that Ayla is getting everything that a “normal” fox would need—tons of fresh air, outdoor time, and adventure. Together, they hike the mountains of Norway:

…go down and visit the river:

…meet other animals:

…and hang out on the beach:

But unlike a typical outdoor fox, Ayla gets lots of special treats, like bananas:

…and apples:

…and puppy treats!

She even has her own special bed and stuffed animals:

We commend Silje for rescuing Ayla from a terrible fate and giving her such a special, magical life!

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