Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon Read Awful Yelp Reviews and It's as Hilarious as It Sounds

Dramatics, stage presence, expert delivery: these are truly 5-star performances.

Nobody loves reading Yelp reviews. But when you’re in a new city and need a quick bite to eat, it’s probably one of the first places you go for an insider's scoop. After all, where else can you learn whether there’s an “authentic” taco place, with outdoor seating that accepts reservations and has only two $ signs, within walking distance of your hotel?

But if you’ve ever clicked on a 1- or 2-star rated place, you’ve seen some of the fire-and-brimstone poetry that patrons produce when given the chance to roast a business they don’t like. (Even on well-reviewed business there’s always at least one reviewer who seems to be trying to settle some imaginary score.) And there’s definitely a good and bad effect to this: good in that it holds restaurants/doctors/mechanics accountable for treating their customers fairly, but bad because it creates an army of unappeasable reviewers looking to do their best impersonation of Jay Rayner.

It also, on occasion, triggers even more outrageous responses from less-than-level-headed business owners. (*Cough*Amy’s Baking Company*Cough*)

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Enter Aziz Ansari, the noted food lover (sorry, we meant, uh, not-food-bozo) and actor who recently stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the upcoming season of his Netflix show Master of None. During his visit Ansari and Fallon revived "Dramatic Readings Of Bad Yelp Reviews," arguably one of the show's greatest bits. Host Fallon played the part of the dismal, sassy and unsatisfied customer writing the complaint, while Ansari read the, unbelievably 100 percent real, responses from equally sassy business owners.

Let’s just say that a solar eclipse throws less shade than these responses.

Check out the video below and enjoy how well Aziz plays the part of Radiator Wizard as he stands up to INTERNET TOUGH GUYS.


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