Your Daily Awwww: Baby Giant Anteater Has a Stuffed Bear for a Mom

Is this the snuggliest surrogate of all time?

You know that one stuffed animal that you were obsessed with as a little kid? The one that you chewed on and carried around and snuggled until it became totally threadbare and sad and then you grew up and your mom was like, “Can I throw this away yet?” and you’re like, “No,” and then she’s like, “Listen, IF YOU WANT IT SO BAD, TAKE IT OR IT GOES IN THE GARBAGE”?

Well, this baby giant anteater named Beanie has one, and we are essentially dead from the cute.

While the backstory is rather sad—the ZSL London Zoo gave the anteater a teddy bear to serve as a surrogate mom once it was determined Beanie’s mother was unable to care for her—this video of Beanie snuggling her bear and being cared for by kindly zoo staff is proof that the adorable little animal is going to be more than fine.

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