Baby Goat Has Four Leg Casts, One Million Hopes and Dreams

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Meet Pocket, a three-week old goat who was born without any back hooves—only stumps. What could have been a tragic story has turned into one of hope: Pocket was adopted by goat-saving angel Leanne Lauricella of Goats of Anarchy, a non-profit organization whose sole mission is saving and rehabilitating baby goats with special needs.

While Pocket is just one of many Goats of Anarchy rescues, his precarious condition makes his story particularly heartwarming. Over the weekend, GoA shared a new video of Pocket, showing the sweet baby goat on the mend and on the move, thanks to some prosthetics and splints. “Pocket is learning to walk on foam prosthetics until he is older and then will graduate to real prosthetics,” says the Instagram post. “He’s doing great!”

Please enjoy some other photos of Pocket that will make you happy-cry:

Pocket 😍

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Baby Pocket without his legs on 😋

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If Pocket got your goat as much as he got ours, you might consider donating to Goats of Anarchy’s GoFundMe.

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