Hans the Orphaned Baby Goat Has Two St. Bernards for Moms

This is our favorite interspecies love story of 2016!

This is the stuff of children’s books: A four-days-old baby goat lost his mother, so he took to his other farm friends: two St. Bernards named Julie and Basiel.

Julie, Hans and Basiel on our walk this morning. Aren't they #squadgoals? 😏

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Hans is being cared for by Isolde Mattart, who documents the interspecies love on her Instagram. While the Belgian farm also boasts baby chicks, ducks, and donkeys, it’s the dogs that have stolen Hans’ heart. He follows them around, even snuggling up in their fur.

Happy International Day of Peace!

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“He learns a lot from the dogs,” Mattart told the Dodo. “He loves sunbathing with the dogs. He loves going for walks with the dogs. But he likes napping with the dogs the most.”

Sometimes Hans even balances on Julie’s back—and like any good mother, she tolerates it.

In case you missed it in my story. This happens all the time and Julie tolerates it.

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We are so in love with this little trio! Follow @imatsol on Instagram to keep up with all of Hans’ adventures.

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