Baby Goats in Tiny Pajamas Are Taking Over the Internet and We Ain't Even Mad About It

Important news!

One might say that goats are having a moment right now. Whether they’re taking over your Instagram feed or taking over your Crossfit workout of the day, we just can’t seem to escape their subfamily-Caprinae cuteness.

If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “Eh...goats are just okay,” allow us to up the ante for you:

BABY goats.

Wait, how about two antes?

BABY goats in PAJAMAS.

Interested now? We bet you are.

The Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine recently shared this video of ten playful pygmy goats romping all over their barn and making friends with the farm cats while wearing their finest pajamas, and it is truly some of the finest cinematography we have ever seen:

Depressed the video is over? Well no need to be, friendo! There just so happens to be a little hashtag called #goatsinpajamas that will allow you to fall further down this cuteness k-hole. Enjoy!

#goatsinpajamas #iheartniwas

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Polly looks happy about this 😍

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