Meet the Jelly Babies: Baby Guinea Pigs So Cute They Look Fake

They canNOT be real… can they?!

With adorable donut lips and tons of tiny props, Fuzzberta was arguably the cutest guinea pig on Instagram. When she unexpectedly passed away two months ago, all of her Instagram followers went into mourning, expressing words of love and support for the sweet g-pig.

Since Fuzzberta’s passing, her owner has turned the Instagram over to her other guinea friends—MiniGuineaPig (a.k.a. MGP) and Jennifuzz—and much to our delight, Jennifuzz recently gave birth to three teeny-tiny guins, effectively named the Jelly Babies. And holy moly, they are so adorable, they barely look real:

Seriously, how is this not one of those felted animals you buy on Etsy?!

Okay, so maybe this video is proof that they’re real:

They were eventually named Billy Blob, Original Jelly Baby, and Shnoopy:

And they are on the move! From tricycles…

to boats…

All aboard the Good Ship Jelly Baby! ⚓ Teeny tiny jelly babies will make everything alright 💕

A video posted by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on

to airplanes! Here’s Billy Blob enjoying an in-flight carrot on Frontier Airlines (“the only U.S. airline that allows guinea pigs in-cabin.”)!

Follow the Jelly Babies on Instagram to keep up with their travels. And happy holidays to the cutest guins we ever did see!

Hey lil Billy Blob, where'd your carrot go?? 🤔

A video posted by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on

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