Baby Koala Photoshoots Are the New Puppy Photoshoots and We Are Here for It

They're like extra-tiny puppies that love eucalyptus!

Last month, we announced to the Unleashed audience and the world at large that puppy photoshoots were the hot new pet trend. (Even besting dogs in baby strollers!) Then we backed up that claim by showing you a photo series of newborn Border Collies twins with tiny wings. And now, while we patiently wait for the most-certainly forthcoming glamour shots of baby Horgis (what, you don’t know about the Husky-Corgi mix?), we’re gonna take a quick pause on canines and give it up for the marsupial class.

Cause JUST LOOK AT THIS BABY KOALA DOING A BABY KOALA PHOTOSHOOT. The joy (named IMOGEN!!!) lives at Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh, Australia, and her caretakers have given her the Anne Geddes treatment: a plush baby bed, bright green eucalyptus snacks, and a snuggle-ready stuffed animal koala that is twice her size. She surveys her surroundings, wide-eyed with wonder, and looks permanently posed, probably because she is so unbelievably cute that every angle is her best angle.

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