Newborn Sloth’s Tiny Baby Barks Will Make You Feel Great About 2017

Good tidings from everyone’s fave two-toed mammal!

Back in October, the San Diego Zoo welcomed a baby Linneus two-toed sloth. (It’s unclear if the baby is a boy or a girl—the sex is still difficult to determine at this age.) Due to the baby’s size and nocturnal nature, it didn’t get a ton of exposure to zoogoers, but as it has slowly gained independence and ventured away from its mom, the baby is stealing the limelight.

The little Linneus—who has an affinity for apples—recently received its first health exam. Now about 10 weeks old, the baby has reached a pound and a half (read: IT IS STILL SO TINY).

The zoo shared this video of the tiny sloth with one of its attentive handlers, and its sweet curiosity and mind-blowingly adorable little noises are enough to make you forget all about this past garbage year and have nothing but faith for 2017.

Sorry, was that not enough? Here’s another photo of the sloth being so cute that you literally have no other choice but to sit and cry tears of joy for two solid minutes:


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