FINALLY: We've Witnessed True Love on Bachelor in Paradise

And nope, it ain't Taylor and Derek.

If someone were to ask us to describe paradise we’d say, palm tree-lined beaches, tropical climate, hard-bodied singles, all-you-can-eat shrimp, and countless dogs romping in the sand.

Therein lies the problem: The show Bachelor in Paradise is a total misnomer. It promises singles a chance to find love in “Paradise,” but their version of paradise has zero dogs, therein making it no paradise at all.

So here we find dog lover Ben Z., trapped in an island “paradise” with nary a dog in sight, looking for love and, frankly, having a rough go of it. Each week spent vying against other marooned singles for a finite amount of roses was another week away from his puppy BFF, Zeus. He. Left. His. Dog. For. This?!

The dog in question is Rottweiler Zeus, a puppy we have watched grow up before our very eyes—thanks to both Ben Z.’s and Zeus’s Instagram accounts. While we are always team #AdoptDontShop, we can (almost) forgive Ben Z. for falling for this purebred Rottie when we look at his adorable snub-nosed face (Zeus’, not Ben Z.’s.) They truly are inseparable; they spend family time together, they work out together, they even hawk products on Instagram together.

Being away from his canine ride-or-die was tearing Ben Z. apart, but it would be worth it if Ben Z. could bring Zeus home a stepmom. After not making any solid love connections on Bachelor in Paradise, Ben Z. thought Raven might be The One. They both had dogs! The love story practically wrote itself! But somehow, Raven did not see the puppy love written on the wall, and instead chose a partner that didn’t even have a dog. Love is dead…or is it?

Thankfully, Ben Z. remembered he had true love all along—Zeus, of course!—and chose to leave the show to be reunited with his soulmate. Finally, love wins.

Where one “paradise” ends another begins! We wish Ben Z. a happy reunion with his main squeeze Zeus, and we look forward to their Instagrammable adventures! We wish the couple the best! 

Come at me bro! 🐶 🎾 ☀️ #rottweiler #life

A post shared by Ben Zorn C.S.C.S. (@benzornlife) on

Anyone who doesn't know what soap tastes like, never washed a dog... #dirtydog #notafan

A post shared by Ben Zorn C.S.C.S. (@benzornlife) on

Happy Fathers Day to my daddy! He keeps my water full and his throwing arm loose! 💪🏽

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I love grass... #ilovelamp #rottielife

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"Cmon dad not in front of the guys...😒" I'm that Dog parent! 🙈 #puppylove #instapuppy

A post shared by Ben Zorn C.S.C.S. (@benzornlife) on

Sometimes I swear he's a person... #naptime #cuddlesesh #sorrynotsorry #thatdogdad

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Only Valentine I got, only one I need! #puppylove

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