There’s an Ugly Dog Picture Competition Floating Around Twitter in Japan, and It’s the Best Thing Ever

Anyone know how to say "we salute you" in Japanese?

Everyone knows Japan is home to weird-yet-amazing trends and cafes with all sorts of animals welcome inside (including owls), so it’s no wonder that a hashtag floating around Japanese social media platforms is one of our favorite things this week. Roughly translating as “Bad Dog Picture Championship,” the trend features photographs of people posting the absolute worst photographs of their dogs. (An idea that came for the cats first.)

In case you can read Japanese — we salute you, genius — you can follow the hashtag yourself: #いぬの写真ヘタクソ選手権

If not, here is a round up of some of the photographs posted — with what we imagine the Japanese captions say.

When you feel uncomfortable but someone tells you to smile for the camera.

“Do you think I’m allergic to peanut butter?”

“I’m a friendly vampire.”

“Hey. Hey. Hi. Hi. Hello. Hey.”

“This angle? No, this angle, right? Come on, tell me which side looks better!”

“Just over the moon about my new vest.”

Me on Saturday mornings.

When your dog looks like a monkey in photographs.

Only B with better hair than Beyoncé.

When your hairdo gives you a facelift.

Something escaped from the Stranger Things set and ended up in my house.

“Do you think they can tell I’m high right now?”

It’s not Photoshop, I swear my eyes look like this in real life.

When your pup almost shape shifts into a panda face.

The procedure hurts, but the way the skin around your eyes feels afterwards is worth it.

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