Bagel Donuts Topped With Chives, Bacon, and Lox Are Here, Please Discuss

Savory donuts in bagel flavors—yes or no?

So clearly, the mashup trend is way, way out of control. Donuts seems to be a huge target (we blame you, Dominque Ansel and your Cronut). Sushi donuts. Spaghetti donuts. Ice-cream filled donuts. And now, this.

Do you like your everything bagel doughnut topped with chives or bacon? . . 📸: @getchafix

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The bagel donut is here, and to be honest, we're not sure how we feel about them. B Doughnut in Washington D.C. is responsible for the latest donut creation/monstrosity, as reported by Elite Daily. They're fluffy, yeast-based donuts, inspired by Portuguese donuts called malasadas, that come in "everything" flavor and are topped with bacon, chives, or lox.

We admit, they look pretty delicious; but there's something that seems psychologically wrong with eating a donut filled with cream cheese and lox. The Internet, as usual, seems similarly conflicted.

We're keeping an open mind on this one. Unlike the fish donut.

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