Barack Obama Wouldn't Dare Smoke Cigarettes Again Because He's Scared of Michelle Obama's Reaction

Even his former colleagues across the aisle know it.

Barack Obama may have been a smooth operator when it came to writing love letters back in the day, but he's been firmly under the spell of wife Michelle Obama for many years — to the point where he might be a little bit frightened of her when it comes to acting naughty. 

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner confirmed as much in an interview with Politico when asked if he'd seen Barack smoking a cigarette after he claimed to quit.

“Oh no. No no no," he said. "He's scared to death of his wife. Scared. To. Death." Instead, he said, Barack would drink iced tea and chew Nicorette gum.

Barack said as much about Michelle back in 2013, when The Guardian reported that Michelle scared him into quitting smoking and that he was scared of his wife in general. PEOPLE also unearthed a parody video the two made before he left office in which John offers him a cigarette. 

When it comes to Barack Obama and smoking, it's not lit. 

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