An Alarming Number of You Have Had Sex While Your Dog Is in the Room

A new survey reveals all kinds of fascinating (and frightening) dog parent facts.

There are some universal truths out there that no one can deny: The sky is blue. Cheez-Its are delicious. Stassi Schroeder is awesome. And dogs make us happier.

And although we didn’t need a survey to confirm the latter, it’s nice to have it verified. A new survey from BarkBox revealed that 93% of dog parents in the U.S. say their dog has made them better people in one way or another. Beyond the obvious, here are some other fascinating statistics from the BarkBox Dog Parent Study:

  • 33% say they’ve “had relations” while their dog was in the room.
  • 34% say they sometimes take their dog on dates with potential mates.
  • 36% say they sleep in uncomfortable positions just to keep their dog next to them at night.
  • 43% say their dog always or frequently join them when they’re using the bathroom.
  • 83% say their dog influences their exercise decisions.
  • 19% say they've snuck their dog into a place where dogs are not allowed.
  • 80% say it’s easier to wake up in the morning because their dog greets them.
  • 85% say their dog have helped them get through difficult times.
  • 26% say they take their dogs to social gatherings.
  • 19% say they wish their dog could be an acceptable wedding guest.
  • 22% say they’ve thrown their dog a birthday party.
  • 28% say they’ve shared a secret with their dog that they’ve told no one else.

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