Baby Basset Hound Endorses Your Decision to Sleep In Today

This dog knows how to do days off.

For most people, it’s a three-day weekend. Maybe you’re the type of person who’s like, “YES! Day off! I will get up early and go on a run and finish up a bunch of errands and then take advantage of my free time by going to a local art museum before cooking a healthy dinner!”

Or MAYBE you’re this baby Basset hound named Maclin, who wants to do the exact opposite of all that. He wants to stay snoozled deep in his blanket forever, no matter how many annoying humans or pups may poke and prod at him. He wants to vaguely lift his head up at 1:30pm, think about getting out of bed and then decide against it. He wants to fire up his bedroom DVR and watch that mash-up episode of Vanderpump Rules and Summer House. It’s his day off, dammit, and he’s gonna do exactly as he pleases.

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