These Stunning Cakes Look Like Hand-Dyed Batik Fabrics, and They're Almost Too Pretty to Eat


We're booking our tickets to Singapore ASAP, because that's where you'll find these gorgeous buttercream cakes in colorful batik patterns. Yes, they're real, and yes, they're edible.

Not cloth but cake 😜

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Batikrolls by Nura, an online bakery in Singapore, sells the rolled sponge cakes, which can be filled with Nutella, vanilla, or blueberry buttercream. They're designed to resemble traditional Indonesian batik fabrics, with bright, bold colors, flowers, and distinctive patterns.

Are you ready to showcase your rolls this Raya? Hope you haven't eaten it all 😋

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Just how exactly does baker Nura create these beautiful treats? First, the designs are drawn and colored with buttercream, then baked for a few minutes. Next, the cake batter goes on top and is baked again. The cooked cake—with the bright pattern now baked into it—gets inverted, then filled and rolled, as reported by Mashable.

Want to get your hands on one? Place your order online now, then, you know, just hop over to Singapore to pick it up. Totally worth the price of a plane to ticket to snag a few of these edible works of art. The only problem is, we don't think we could bear to slice into one.

Eventually, you'll have to cut it up ....once you taste it 😋, it's too Sayang not to eat 👍🏼

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