Golden Retriever Just Wants to Love Pug and Squeeze Pug and Call Him George

We’re in love with this dog’s love of this pug.

You know that one very specific and very awkward relationship where someone considers you their best friend, but secretly, they’re not your best friend? We’re pretty sure that’s what’s going on with this golden retriever and his pug puppy “BFF.”

Pugsly is just innocently enjoying a snooze, and as soon as Bear the golden retriever catches a glimpse, he’s like, “Aww yeeeah, there’s my best friend! I am totally gonna go nuzzle all up on him and we’re gonna have the snuggle sandwich to end all snuggle sandwiches!”

To be fair, the pug is a pretty good sport about it—but, still, it’s got to be pretty uncomfortable. (Literally and figuratively.)

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