Bella Hadid’s 7 Totally Doable Makeup Tips for Banishing the Look of Jet Lag

Look like the most supermodel-ish version of yourself, in any time zone.

Bella Hadid knows how to conceal the road-worn, jet-lagged look that travelers understand all too well. Of course she does, right? She’s a globe-trotting supermodel, after all. She recently put together a video for Vogue wherein she shows exactly how she handles her jet-lag face — and we must say, we're pretty impressed at the reasonably effortless-looking transformation. Behold her most noteworthy tips from the vid:

1.  Use concealer as a highlighter.

You might not always travel with a designated highlighter, but if Bella’s method in this video is any guide, concealer can do the trick, too!

2.  Get a makeup blender or sponge.

Smudge, pat, and blend with something other than your own fingers every time you can. If you do need to use your own fingers, make sure they’re clean before getting started on your makeup, otherwise you’ll just be packing all of the germs from your hands into your layers of makeup, which is totally self defeating.

3.  Bronzer pens are magic.

Instead of blush, pack a bronzer pen to switch things up. They’re awesome for definition and lend themselves well to a sun-kissed natural look. They’re also incredibly useful for contouring, as you can see Bella demonstrate in the video. She says, “Definition is always good.” And she’s right.

4.  Brows make the face.

Bold eyebrows are right on trend: Add some punch to your brows with just a little bit of color, and your eyes will pop.

5.   Focus on your lashes.

Priming eyelashes is a thing — and you should do it. And then you should apply several layers of mascara for the most lash-y look possible.

6.  It’s never a bad time to shine!

 Add a little gold eye shadow to your lids and inner eyes (and even your cheeks and collarbone if you’re feeling extra fancy) for a subtle touch of glam.

7.  Polish your natural look with gloss.

Tinted lip gloss is a great way to finish off your look in an unassuming, low-key way that will still help you to look totally put together and definitely not at all as tired as you are.

See the whole tutorial here:





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