Bernese Mountain Dog is the Canine Version of Jim Halpert

*stares directly into camera*

Using context clues, we can assume Taiyo the Bernese mountain dog has probably lived a pretty cushy life. He’s got a nice glossy coat and a plush shag rug, and more bone bits to gnaw on than he could ever want.

That is, until a new baby Chihuahua comes around and starts commandeering those bone bits as his own. But instead of causing a fuss or starting a tussle, Taiyo just looks directly into the camera, Jim Halpert style, as if to say “Are you kidding me with this?”

Even when the camera pans away and pans back, the stare is never broken. While unintentional, it's a pretty amazing homage to The Office. Claaaaasic Taiyo.

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