Follow These Pro Hacks for the Best Homemade Biscuits Ever—and You Only Need 3 Ingredients

Flaky buttermilk biscuits from scratch are totally worth it.

Making buttery, flaky biscuits from scratch sounds like a lot of work. Measuring tons of ingredients, mixing, kneading…why not pop open a tube of Pillsbury and just call it a day?

Enter these magical three-ingredient biscuits from Southern Living. Literally: Just. Three. Ingredients. All you need are self-rising flour, butter, and buttermilk. The secret is in the technique; follow it exactly, and you'll end up with light, flaky, moist biscuits every time.

Here are three tricks that make this recipe a success:

1.  Use Frozen Grated Butter

Just freeze a stick of butter, then grate with a box grater. The cold grated butter will distribute through the dough evenly, resulting in a lighter, fluffier biscuit. 

2.  Stir Exactly 15 Times

Once you add the buttermilk, stir the mixture 15 times—no more, no less. Trust the Southern Living test kitchen: this is the magic number they found led to the best results.

3.  Fold the Dough 4 Times

Roll out the dough, fold it in half, then roll it out again. Do this 4 times to help create those flaky layers. (This is the same technique you'd use to make croissant dough.)

Watch a quick how-to video to see how foolproof it is:

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