6 New Emojis That Will Revolutionize Your Next Vacation

Fewer hashtags, more of these.

In case you missed your iOS update, Apple just released lots of new emojis this week. As usual, that is cause for much joy. Specifically, we love thinking about how we're about to seriously up our vacation social media posting game. For instance, now there's a clinking-glasses emoji for the next time we go to the spa or wear a mask on a plane and we are in full-on vacay pampering mode. Here are a few selects and ways to use them on your next trip.

1.  Croissant

Do we even need to tell you where to use this one? Paris, bien sur!

2.  Avocado

Because avocado toast is still a thing, you must use the new emoji at your NYC or L.A. brunch spot, post workout or Runyon Canyon hike, naturally.

3.  Harambe

RIP our beloved gorilla. We need this emoji for our safari experiences.

4.  Nauseated face

Dramamine, please. The next time you take a cruise... you may need this one. Or perhaps if you get violent food poisoning while traveling, like Amy Schumer. Frankly, let's just hope you don't have to use this one — but it's nice to know you have it, just in case.

5.  Owl

The new Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a hoot. Let this owl underscore all the magic.

6.  Rodeo face

Glamping? Staying at a luxury ranch? Going to a bachelorette down south? We can feel just feel that exuberant "yeehaw!" bucking right off the phone screen.

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