8 Pit Bulls You Should Be Giving a Follow on Instagram

Show some love to the misunderstood breed!

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first, shall we? Pit bills have gotten a horrible rap due to the spread of false information about the breed. And as a result, pit bulls make up 40% of the shelter dogs euthanized each year.

But here is the good news: The fear-mongering is slowing down. People are now recognizing just how lovable and wonderful “Pibbles” really are (even Patrick Stewart is fostering one!), and the sweet, loyal breed is burrowing back into the public’s heart.

In celebration of these sweet doggos, we have rounded up 8 of our favorite pit bull Instagram accounts—give ‘em a follow, show ‘em some love, and help spread awareness of how wonderful Pitties truly are!

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