This Buzzy New Tool Might Be the Best Way to Avoid Lame Tourist Traps

And it's good news for authenticity-obsessed millennials.

Do you even remember how you used to book your lodging for travel in the old days? You know, when your options were hotel, hostel, or crash with a friend in some city around the world? No, these days booking on Airbnb may be your first — and perhaps only — impulse as a way to score just the size and type of residential-like lodging you want all over the planet at whatever price... from modest spare room to Kendall and Kylie Kardashian-level $26.5 million penthouse.

Well, fans of that insider-feeling experience can prepare to have their next trip fully revolutionized — because now AirBnB will allow people to book the entire trip, not just their crash pad, through the platform. The new set of services fall under the name Trips, which C.E.O. Brian Chesky announced at the Airbnb Open hosting conference in Los Angeles yesterday, and they would let hosts bring visitors along to, let's say, the venues or food trucks they love most. Some of the experiences would be one-offs, whereas others would be folded into full-on multiday itineraries.

Here's one badass example cited by BBC: Any old tourist can pay a visit Nelson Mandela’s prison cell and say they were there. But with AirBnB Trips, tourists can actually get a guided tour from a man who was a prison warden that watched over Mandela himself. Hello, new dimension for tourists.

You don't have to rent out your place to host an experience. If you're interested in sharing your intel, though, you can't just post some obvious or boring option — no, the site will curate the trips that are accepted into the mix. So visitors can have a pretty good bet they'll find more authentic ways to access a place's nuances than simply a ho-hum guide book... and they'll be able to mean it when they tell friends just how insidery their trip was.


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