7 Best Viral Travel Videos of 2016 — Ranked

Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, and Arnold Schwarzenegger all guest starred.

The collection of our favorite viral travel videos of the year sums up how we feel about 2016 overall: There were times when it was an epic adventure, and many other times when we thought we just might die. Let's look back, shall we? Journey with us as we count down the most memorable moments captured on film.

7.  Safari Camper Inside Tent Film Lions Licking at It

Talk about getting up close and personal with nature.

6.  Plane Nearly Decapitates a Photo-Snapping Tourist

Would you risk your life for Instagram?

5.  Arnold Schwarzenegger Charged by Elephant on Safari

Proving the larger-than-life personality is basically an action star IRL.

4.  Vlogger Casey Neistat's Upgrade of a Lifetime

He thoroughly enjoyed his in-flight shower, caviar, and movie theater — and his opportunity to make people drool over his $21,000 upgrade.

3.  Heathrow's Sweet Teddybear-Homecoming Ad

It's the group hug the world needs this holiday season.

2.  Jennifer Aniston's Cute (If Not Feasible) Emirates Ad

Jen Aniston probably wouldn't switch her first-class seat with your measly coach accommodations, and take care of your kids in the air to boot. But it's a nice fantasy (and a funny spot).

1.  Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Take (and Sing) Africa

#Relationshipgoals and #travelgoals rolled into one. Kristen and Dax basically win at life.

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