These Teeny-Tiny Puppies Come With Humongous, Jaw-Dropping Price Tags

Extreme cuteness comes at an extreme price.

[Editor's note: This is your gentle reminder that even if you are looking for a specific breed, you can search [BREED] + shelter and rescue the dog of your dreams. #AdoptDontShop]

Here’s a hypothetical situation to consider: You’re tidying up around the house, and as you reach down into the couch cushions, your hand grazes a strange object. You pull it out, hold it up to the light, and realize: It’s a stack of bills totaling $10,000. Boom. You’re $10,000 richer than you were 20 seconds ago. Now you ask yourself the most important question of all: What will you do with your newfound fortune? Do you wisely invest it? Do you put a down payment on a car or a house? Do you send your favorite child to college for a year? Do you throw out everything in your closet and buy a new wardrobe made entirely out of diamonds? (Or rhinestones, I guess; it’s $10,000, not $10,000,000.)

Or do you do what Paris Hilton would do and call up your good friend Betty of Betty’s Teacup Yorkies, who specializes in selling the world's tiniest dogs with the world’s largest price tags? (Please say no.)

Hilton is Betty’s Teacup Yorkies’ most high-profile client. She’s picked up at least three palm-sized pups from the Calgary-based breeder since 2014, famously dropping $25,000 on two teacup Pomeranians in 2015. But given Betty’s prices, demand for these astoundingly tiny dogs (many of which are smaller than an iPhone), extends far beyond heiresses. Betty’s website currently lists dogs for sale—Yorkies, Bulldogs, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Maltese, and so on—with prices ranging from $3,900 to $9,500. So you see, there are more budget-friendly options!

If $3,900 is still to rich for your blood, may we suggest window shopping via the selections from @BettysYorkies below? And when you’re done, go to your local shelter, and for the love of dog, #ADOPTDONTSHOP!!!

Kenny Male fawn pug Kenny is available he is estimated to be 2.5 pounds fully grown. Text Call whatsapp 1-403-891-6028

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Barbie is available text call whatsapp 1-403-891-6028

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Welsh corigi Female Kaya is for sale Text call whatsapp 1-403-891-6028

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