Is Beyoncé's Album Causing the Big Spike in Lemonade Drink Sales?

The thirst is real.

By now everyone from your mother to your mechanic has heard, or at least heard of, Beyoncé’s stunning visual album Lemonade, as well as some of the drama, controversy, and illuminati conspiracies that go along with it.

What you may not have heard is that, according to the Huffington Post, sales and consumption of actual lemonade have spiked dramatically since the album’s release.

Natalie Sexton, the CEO of Natalie’s Juices in Florida, told Huffington Post that since the albums release their sales of natural lemonade, lemonade tea, and strawberry lemonade have doubled.

Thinking it’s just a correlation to the warmer temperatures of spring? Not so fast.

As consumers have shifted away from sugar-heavy drinks towards more naturally sweet options, lemonade sales over the last few years have actually been in a decline. That’s not to say there can’t be other factors at play—consumers' habits change all the time—but the connection to Queen Bey does seem like one possible explanation.

All of this leaves us with a lot of questions. Is Beyoncé really a taste-making tour-de-force whose mere mention of Red Lobster or lemonade can shift economic trends? Do people just love lemonade? What makes Becky’s hair so good? Is Jay Z really working on a follow-up album? Is it titled “I got 100 problems?”

Only time will tell.


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