Bill Murray Is Bartending at This Brooklyn Bar This Weekend

If you get in, call us.

If you want to hang out with Bill Murray this weekend, you could watch Lost in Translation. Or Ghostbusters, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Rushmore. Or, digging into the way-back, Groundhog Day and Meatballs. We could go on. But if you really want to hang out with Bill Murray this weekend—as in right next to him, in the flesh, not just a mere onscreen representation of his image—head to a restaurant called 21 Greenpoint in Brooklyn. That's because Bill Murray will be tending bar there: Yes, he'll be making drinks, and serving them to people.

As it happens, 21 Greenpoint isn't just any old restaurant or bar, or even any old celeb or hipster hangout. It's owned by Bill's son Homer Murray. And it's legit: Cocktails are by Sean McClure, formerly of Daniel, Le Bernardin and Dirty French. Starting at 7pm on Friday, September 16 and Saturday, September 17, Bill will be mixing it up behind the bar.

Only thing is, you won't get in, since it's billed as a "private event," "guest-list only." 

But as Gothamist suggests, you could camp out in the restaurant once it's officially open and hope he shows up eventually. Because the guy likes to go out, and wouldn't you hit up your son's bar for free drinks?

(via Gothamist.)

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