Billie Joe Armstrong Reveals If He Was Paid To Perform At Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding

The singer was surprised over the understated ceremony.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong tells Andy Cohen about performing at Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding and reveals he played the gig for free. 

"Billie Joe, when you sang at Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding, what was the craziest thing that made you go oh man, this guy’s rich? And, is it true that you performed for free?" asked Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen.

The GD frontman admits he did.

"Yeah uh, so I did perform for free, he was kind of like a Green Day fan, almost in a nerdy kind of way. Which was really endearing and uh, there was nothing about it where I thought that it looked like he had a ton [of money] the way that he lives, it fits his age, I would say. He seemed pretty mellow about that."

Billie Joe made the appearance at the Facebook founder's surprise wedding to Priscilla Chan in 2012.

"Mark wanted me to play this song… this song is one that I wrote for my wife of 18 years. It better be for her, or I’d be in deep trouble," Billie Joe said before singing "Last Night on Earth."

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